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What to Expect on your First Visit

Some people find that their first visit to a psychologist is a bit uncomfortable. This is completely normal and understandable. Sharing private information can be uncomfortable, particularly at the beginning of a relationship. We understand that relationships take time to build and we will make every effort to make your first visit a great experience. On the first visit you will have time to explain the purpose of your visit and what you are hoping to achieve. The costs and benefits of working with a psychologist will be explored to help you better understand what to expect. We will also ask you for your written consent for services. This provides you with legal protections and clearly describes the scope of confidentiality.


You will receive three forms to complete during your first visit:


Form 1: The Contact Information Sheet consists of some simple questions regarding the purpose of your visit and preferred methods of contact.


Form 2: The Confidentiality Agreement Form explains confidentiality and the specific limits to privacy.


Form 3: The Consent to Services Form explains the responsibilities of being an effective client!


To save time, you may download these forms and bring them with you to your first session. Each form will be discussed in person, so please bring as many questions as you can muster!

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